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Inkah is Hiring!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Inkah is rebuilding language learning from the bottom up. Our team is looking for full-time founding members, part-timers, and interns that can help with any of the following:

- Software Engineering

- Design

- Linguistics and translation

- Marketing & distribution

For Software Engineering, our current technologies include Typescript, Node.js, AI / Natural Language Processing, Web extension development, Postgres, and React Native for mobile development.

Must haves:

- Growth mindset and willingness to learn

- Can receive and digest feedback to accelerate personal growth

- Seeking to build useful things for society

- Speak and write English at minimum an intermediate level

Nice to haves:

- Interest in language learning, education technology, or AI / Natural Language Processing

We're a small team so each member needs to be proactive, have discipline, and solve problems. Life is short so we also believe in work-life balance, having a good time both in and outside work, and just generally being a pleasant person to be around. If the above sounds like you, you're probably a fit for Inkah.

What is Inkah?

Inkah is a Chrome and Firefox extension and coming-soon mobile app that consolidates all of your words, sentences, and grammar from articles, and videos in a single place for language learning.

We help intermediate to advanced language learners consume native content to advance their listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Our apps let learners consume this content in the form of 1) text content like articles, social media, blog posts, etc. 2) video, especially those with subtitles.

We already support reading articles on the web and watching videos on Netflix with our Chrome and Firefox extensions. While reading on the web, you can hover to translate words or select passages of text to translate. For Netflix, you can display both English and target language subtitles at the same time, translate words, and get the list of words for a subtitle line.

Inkah currently has 3,100+ weekly active language learners and is growing. It's still extremely early in the company's life, but there is clearly potential.

Who are we?

Inkah is a team of 11. Members of our team include the former co-founder and CTO of, the second largest property platform in Southeast Asia, ex-Uber, ex-Amazon, ex-Pixar, and current educators and linguists. Please feel free to pass this along to any students looking for internship opportunities and to reach out if you have any questions.

Overall, we want to always be learning, do our best work, enable and push each other to grow, and build useful products that help people become the best versions of themselves. Language is the closest bridge between two people, and we love getting to help build that bridge.

How to apply

Drop us an e-mail with your resume, what position you're applying for at If you're applying for an internship, please include your potential start date and internship duration.

Cover letter is optional but a paragraph about yourself and why you're applying will help us get to know you :)

Interns: Please note all of our internships are unpaid, but performance-based compensation will be available and granted on a case-by-case basis.

Full-time: Full-time roles are equity-based since Inkah is so early on in its journey.

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Inkah is rebuilding language learning from the bottom up. Our team is looking for interns, part-timers, or full-timers that can help with product design, both UX and UI, marketing design, and branding

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